How to Survive Thanksgiving Dinner!

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• Don’t go to dinner hungry – eat normally throughout the day.
• Use the 9″ plate rule; make sure 3/4 of your plate is turkey, salad and green beans; use the final 1/4 of your plate for the fun stuff!!
• Sit up straight. Believe it or not, good posture will better aid digestion and help you to feel full quicker.
• Small bites, and…..chew…..chew….chew….
• Be an example. Practice your healthy habits and see how many people follow your lead.
• Wear tight clothes. It’s hard and very uncomfortable to overeat when you’re wearing snug clothes.
• If you’re going to drink alcoholic beverages, try to limit yourself to two. Drinking too much may cause you to weaken your resolve and overeat – not to mention the empty calories.
• If you’re asked to bring a dish (or if you’re hosting), prepare a healthy offering. When baking or bringing dessert, make something you’re not crazy about, which will eliminate at least one temptation.
• Leftovers!!! Assemble some individual meals and freeze for those busy days when you need a quick dinner. Get creative and make some great, healthy dishes with the leftovers. And, finally, send all the bad stuff home with your guests!
• Last, but certainly not least… much as we look forward to the Thanksgiving feast, let’s remember to take our focus off the food and be thankful for the loved ones around our table!

With this week’s sound bite, you’re now one minute closer… to a healthier you!

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