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Ideas for Monthly, Healthy Resolutions in 2016…

Ideas for Monthly, Healthy Resolutions in 2016…

Instead of starting off the year with a long list of New Year’s Resolutions, how about making just 1 resolution each month? You will increase your chances of success and develop lots of new, healthy habits. Here are some suggestions:
• JANUARY – Move more – either join a gym and work out or just commit to parking far away every time you go somewhere
• FEBRUARY – Read a book or do something new to challenge your mind
• MARCH – Reduce the sugar in your diet
• APRIL – Replace 1 unhealthy snack with a healthy one
• MAY – Get outside and enjoy the benefits of the sun
• JUNE – Try 1 new, healthy food
• JULY – Identify your priorities and focus on what matters most
• AUGUST – Eliminate 1 processed food from your diet
• SEPTEMBER – Do 1 thing to improve your sleep
• OCTOBER – Read labels and stop buying products that have ingredients you shouldn’t be eating
• NOVEMBER – Journal your spending
• DECEMBER – Eliminate 1 source of unnecessary spending and put that money into savings
With this week’s sound bite, you’re now one minute closer… to a healthier you!